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Sand toy set - foldable

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Small on the outside, big on the inside

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No more impractical sand toys - 70% space saved

Dear parents, who does not know the situation: You pack your things for a visit to the playground or for a trip. But always this sand toy ... a large, unwieldy bag that doesn't want to fit in either a stroller or a suitcase.

Our foldable sand toy set is everywhere with a height of just 8.5 cm and a diameter of about 22 cm ideal where space needs to be saved. Whether camping or in everyday life, comparable sand toys take up more than three times as much space.

In the set are the most popular sand toys contain. A large flour shovel, a foldable 3 liter bucket, a large sieve and a rake - even the trendy ice cream toy is included here.

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"It's so easy. I have two sets and they fit easily in the stroller."

Petra Baumann (39) has two daughters

"A high-quality and clever product."

Stephanie Moser (34), educator

"Ideal for camping. Foldable and takes up virtually no space."

Jonas Bader (34), passionate camper

"Why hasn't it been around longer? Now my grandchildren get it."

Claudia Czichy (64), grandma