NEUE PRODUKTE - Fishing Game und 7in1 Sand Toys Green

NEW PRODUCTS - Fishing Game and 7in1 Sand Toys Green

Premiere for our two new products at the Kind+Jugend fair 2022 in Cologne!

In the middle of the picture you can see our new and innovative FISHING GAME:

The popular fishing game reimagined; Whether indoors or outdoors, with or without water, there are no longer any limits to the joy of playing.
Thanks to the proven, compact and handy concept, the game is easy to transport and quickly ready for use. In different game variants, six magnetic fish can be caught with the two extendable telescopic fishing rods. Try to catch the star to win the game or get the highest score. Guaranteed fun for 1-2 players, big or small.

On the right the 7in1 Sand Toys GREEN:

The proven 7in1 sand toys are now also made from biological materials. Our sugar cane plastic is sustainable and free from any pollutants. The new ones are a real highlight Soft touch handles, innovative and ergonomic handles with a soft feel.